BioResource Biotech Pvt. Ltd
BioResource Biotech Pvt. Ltd. an established Marketing & Distribution Company started in 2002. The Company offers complete solutions for reagents and consumables in the field of life Sciences, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Veterinary science, Food industries, Chemical science etc.


Aavanira Biotech Pvt. Ltd
Aavanira Biotech Pvt. Ltd. A group company of BioResource established in 2010. The company has a prodigious presence in the verticals of environment, food and pharmaceutical testing. Also focuses on testing, product development and contract research in biology, chemistry, Microbiology, Genetic engineering & Biotechnology.


ABsource Biologics Pvt. Ltd.
ABsource Biologics Pvt Ltd a group company of BioResource established in the year 2014. The company focuses on indigenously developed DVS cultures and other related products to be used in Dairy industry for manufacturing of milk products (Curd, Cheese, buttermilk) and several nondairy products. The significance of such products lies in that they are being completely developed indigenously and minimizes the dependency of Indian industry on imported brands which supplies such cultures.


BioResource Healthcare
We includes, complete range of top quality instruments, equipments and consumables for Radiology, Cardiology, Gynecology, Molecular Diagnostic and General medical etc. We expertise in installation, demonstration, application, maintenance and further service support through AMCs & CMCs to our valued customers.